Why choose Tony Coppola Plumbing?

Quality Service at a fair price! All work is done by Me! 

I answer the phone, no secretary!

You have a question, I answer it!

I do all the work myself! (Including my websites!)

I shop where you live. (I live there also!)

I stand behind my work, I've been plumbing for over 23 years in The Greater Salem / Windham Area, I live and shop where you do! If I didn't stand behind my work I would have to hide every time I'm in Market Basket, Walmart or one of the local establishments! You will see me in Town shopping in one of our local stores frequently!

I'm very  easy to reach, my telephone system rings my office, cell phone and home phone at the same time, if Don't pickup and you leave a message it is transcribed and sent to my cell phone. I return my calls, emails and messages in 5 minutes Monday thru Friday 7:00Am am until 7:00 PM (usually later than that) 
Closed Sat and Sun but you can call me to see if Im available. I also return calls on Saturdays and Sundays.

I have one of the most informative Plumbing Web sites in New Hampshire www.TonyThePlumber.com which has many photos 
and descriptions of the services I offer.
You can  also schedule an appointment with me by Text, Text Me At 603-401-5678 suggest  the time that suits you best! I verify the appointment in 5 minutes or less!

I accept credit cards.

Last but not least, I'm not going anywhere, several Plumbing businesses have come and gone, Tony Coppola Plumbing and Heating is still here and will be for many, many years to come, Quality Service from a Local guy who spends money in the community you live in! I believe in supporting Local Business and will continue to be a Local Plumbing Service Contractor for decades! Give me try you won' t be sorry!

For The Fastest Response  Call Or Text Me At 603-401-5678

Why choose Tony Coppola Plumbing?
Please Visit My Full Web Site From Your DeskTop/Laptop Computer For much more Info.