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In 1987 I moved to Londonderry NH, from Woburn, Massachusetts, I was working for a Plumbing & Heating company named Kirkland & Shaw out of Burlington, after commuting on 93 for 4 years and getting tired of it I decided it was time to look closer to home. I called several companies finally getting a call back from James J Thompson & Sons out of Salem, NH. The late owner Jim Thompson’s step son Raymond Bolster was now the owner. He explained that he had a job coming up; Voter’s Restaurant (Now The Backwater Grille) he expected it to last about a month and said if more work comes in he would keep me. After that job was finished we moved on to his biggest account, Canobie Lake Park, I ran various water lines and air lines, drain lines to all the new rides they were installing at the time, the most memorable was the work we did on The Corkscrew Roller Coaster.

I also serviced many of the homes in The Greater Salem area over my time working with him. Over the many years he taught me how to repair, faucets, shower valves and various old time plumbing tricks. I learned a great deal about the service and repair business. In 1995 Canobie Lake Park decided to hire there own in house plumbers. I worked with Ray for another three years. After two plus heart operations Ray decided to retire to Italy, he had always wanted to do that. I worked for various plumbers for another 2  years, getting nowhere. On July 30,th 2000  I left the Plumber I was working for after a wage problem, with my last paycheck ($800.00 ) to my name I took $500.00 of it and bought a van, took 2 days built shelves for it then started Tony Coppola Plumbing & Heating and have been working the Greater Salem area ever since. Seems like yesterday. It hasn't been all fun an games there were many highs and lows during this 10 year run, the last years have been tough as we all know. Ive seen several local plumbers come and go in the last 10 years. I'm happy to be here still serviceng the Greater Salem Area, hope to be here for at least another 10 years! I currently service the The Salem, Windham, Pelham, Hampstead, Derry, Londonderry, Atkinson and The Merrimack Valley Area.
I also service Salem School District. My greatest accomplishment was the complete remodeling of The Salem High School Foyer Bathrooms; we completely gutted them floors to ceiling. I do all the work myself assuring you that you will be satisfied with my service. I also strive to return every message in 5 minutes or less. My many years experience in The Greater Salem Area are a benefit to my current customers as well as new customers assuring you that I can handle all types of plumbing problems due to my many years servicing the area. Excellent Customer Service is what I strive! Have a plumbing problem? Give me a call!

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